Nobody likes a blonde in a hampster ball.

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Saturday Monrings
David text
The first Saturday that Sam wakes up with Jess in his bed he’s breathless. Her face is peaceful in slumber and the sun streaming through the windows lights up her hair to a gold he’s only seen in the wheat fields of Nebraska. With her eyes still closed, she closes the small space between them nuzzling her face into his neck and dropping kisses on his collarbone. “Pancakes?” she mumbles as her arms cross his torso and her leg slides over his hip. With a quick kiss to the top of her head his arms snake around her and settle as he murmurs “In a minute.” even though it’s very clear neither wants to move from their morning embrace. And right before Sam gets up to make pancakes he says a quick Thank You to the heavens above and vows to do whatever he can to make every Saturday start this way. Forever and ever, till death do they part. Amen.


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